In creating our community economic development strategy, the questions are:

  1. What offers the best opportunities for our community and our people?
  2. How can we make those opportunities better?

Keeping these two questions in mind, CFDC has addressed the principles that:

    • Small Business will continue to be the main creator of employment opportunities
  • The majority of local employment creation will come from local business expansion spurred by community members
  • Employment development is more likely to occur in a nurturing environment
  • From an employment creation perspective, it is more effective to enhance the skills of existing business than to attract or create new business
  • Excellence is always in demand
  • Sustainable locally owned development generates proportionately more community wealth

Philosophy of Approach

Simply put, and in the context of community development, our philosophy of approach is to:

  • Recognize the inevitability of change
  • Begin with the people and the current opportunities and proceed in stages realistic to the situation
  • Stop doing what isn't working - concentrate on what is best and make it better
  • Encourage greater coordination and cooperation among the various local groups, agencies and institutions
  • Provide for many advances on a broad economic front, rather than one single thrust.
  • Nurture positive attitudes wherever possible
  • Help make other groups and individuals as effective as possible
  • Encourage as much participation as is possible and reasonable
  • Be flexible and adaptive; remain alert and receptive to new opportunities
  • Function as a catalyst, bringing into an environment all the elements necessary to create success
  • To not spend time doing something that someone else can do better, if we can get them to do it
  • Be responsive to community discussion without being led too far from our corporate objectives
  • Create an environment which will allow each and every individual the opportunity for personal growth
  • Share any credit as broadly as is possible