Recipient: Sarah Woods o/a The Barn Chefs
Date Received: May 26, 2019
Funded up to: $30,000

The Barn Chefs was approved on May 30, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $30,000 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"After four years in business, we are now outgrowing our space. Taking on this project will allow us to increase our line of baked goods and speed up production time of preserves through the adoption of a state of the art Kitchen Self Cooking Centre" Sarah Woods, Owner 


The Barn Chefs are expanding their product line and production facility by developing an additional new commercial kitchen utilizing smart technology.

The project entails the purchase and installation of a state of the art cooking centre from Europe that utilizes the newest technology in food production, to cook, monitor and develop new products.

The technology will also allow the business to streamline the processing of existing products with efficiency, consistency, and to the custom specifications of the processor. 

The equipment senses what is going on in the food process and provides HACCP documentation, notifications, remote access to adjustments and monitoring via smartphone and much more.

 The business will purchase and install the Self Cooking Centre to further develop the expanding product line and take advantage of its technologic advances to create efficiencies in space, energy, production time, quality control and new product development.

The business anticipates results of a 20% increase in revenue in the first year and an opportunity to grow their product line and services.

Click on the hyperlink to view this innovative cooking centre: 

stuff mustardpointy bread


The Barn Chefs is a small scale provincial meat plant & specialty food processor located in rural North Hastings producing cured meats, cheeses, preserves, baked goods, pasta and much more. All of the items are handcrafted with quality and passion using the best ingredients available.

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