• Recipient: Beacon Construction (Ontario) Ltd.
  • Date Received: Aug 16, 2019
  • Funded up to: $13,920
Beacon Construction (Ontario) Ltd.

Beacon Construction (Ontario) Ltd. was approved on August 16, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $13,920 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"This project is a crucial piece of the puzzle to Beacon's growth in the construction industry. Beacon constantly raises the standard for quality construction in the area, and we want to continue that into our internal processes. This new system will create some necessary efficiencies allowing our business to grow "  Jeremy White, President 


Beacon Construction is looking to acquire the Software "T-Sheets", for the purpose of reducing management hours, improving our employee experience, and provide a more inclusive and efficient work environment. Beacon is pursuing the purchase of 'T-Sheets' as well as technology in each Vehicle to provide our staff with an easy tool to keep track of their job-site data. 

T-Sheets strategically integrates with many systems in place at Beacon Construction and opens up new efficiencies. T-Sheets offers Beacon Construction the following:

- Allow our employees to easily sign in With Location Data, allowing Beacon to easily track hours per location

- Provide our employees with an easy to use tool that will allow notes, pictures, and other documentation to be accessed on the Job-site

- Allow Ministry Standard documentation to be easily accessed in one place, providing our employees with a location for the MOL Green Book, our Health and Safety Plan, access to nearest Hospital, Beacon Construction's internal Health and Safety Policies

- Provide an inclusive tool for our current employees that struggle with managing and logging their time log, location data, and keeping a written log

- Full integration into our accounting software, embedded with detailed reports, and proper analytics about where Beacon's employees have spent their time allowing increased accuracy and efficiency in the billing process

This software will reduce overhead in totalling, correcting, and double-checking our current paper system. Reducing management hours and increasing efficiency for our Staff on Site. Providing our employees with a technology like 'T-Sheets' will completely change how our employees interact with our Office staff, providing an inclusive and efficient way to track job site interactions.


Beacon Construction 


Beacon Construction is one of the largest General Contractors in the Greater North Hastings Area. Beacon works with local sub-contractors, purchases local products and builds locally. Employing over 15 workers, Beacon provides services to Industrial, Commercial, Educational, and Residential sectors. 

Our goal is to take a client's idea, a dream, and bring it to reality in a way that embraces quality. Beacon's workflow starts with an initial correspondence with the client. From there a relationship is made between Beacon's Office staff and the customer, embodying our motto,'Buildings your Visions, Creating Reality'. Our office staff begin building the dream, designing a solution to meet our client's needs. From there our skilled project managers take the project to our Subtrades and Site Supervisors, beginning the construction phase. 

Please visit the Beacon Construction website: www.beacon-ltd.ca