• Recipient: 1297113 Ontario Ltd. (innovated Control Systems) - Bancroft, ON
  • Date Received: Aug 28, 2019
  • Funded up to: $100,000

 "The project will allow us to create a new kit building system that is available in 27 countries but not currently available in Canada. New technology will allow us to create this product and allow us to access into a new market and to grow our current one." Brad Nicol, Owner

Project Description:

The business is expanding and is currently undergoing a new project where the business will be creating a manufacturing line for pre-fabricated light metal buildings and the structural components needed to complete certified building kits.  The same equipment offers opportunity to streamline processes in the manufacturing of existing product lines and create new lines such as a larger model of kiln for larger scale processing companies in the USA and Canada.

Innovated Control systems will purchase a CSC Machine and will customize the control system to their specifications to automate the creation of these products anticipated be launched in spring 2020.

The business projects creating 6 new jobs and increasing revenue by 5% in first year of operations.


Business Description:

Innovated Control Systems is a speciality manufacturing company who designs and builds various pieces of machinery for the wood products industry across North America. Examples of products include lumber drying kilns and related control systems, wood packaging and sorting lines, wood preservation equipment, industrial heat recovery systems and environmental chambers and drying systems. The business was incorporated in 1998 and currently employs 11 staff.