• Recipient: McRae Mills Ltd. - Whitney, ON
  • Date Received: May 27, 2020
  • Funded up to: $10,000

"The project utilizes new technology in an innovative way to solve a major problem plaguing the forest products sector. We have been a fixure in the community for over 133 years and want to keep things that way for another century." James McRae, Owner

Project Description:

This project supports redeveloping the fire detection utilizing new cutting edge technologies that has the capability of to detect issues early on when they are small and manageable. The system utilizes sensors that trigger a digital alarm station that alerts to watchman, management and the fire department via smartphone notification. The system can accurately identify the area of concern and provide a visual via closed circuit cameras which allows the team to know exactly where the issue lies and response teams can respond quickly without delays.


 Business Description:

McRae Mills Ltd. is a forest products company that specializes in the manufacturing of high quality hardwood products. They are a family owned business operating since 1883 and are currently operated by the 5th generation of the McRae Family. McRae Mills Ltd. supplies lumber to a variety of industries including residential cabinetry, food production, flooring, packaging, pulp and paper, landscaping, medicinal components and much more. Their specialty is hard maple and the business accounts for 25% of Ontario's production of the valuable and versatile species.


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