• Recipient: NC Boyz Tech Limited - Bancroft, ON
  • Date Received: Mar 3, 2020
  • Funded up to: $5,200

"The project supports the commercialization of our latest product which is a steering cylinder with protective girdle to launch into the Megatruck Industry. The technology supported will allow us to get to market quicker and to produce the product more efficiently " Travis Layland, Owner

Project Description:

This project supports commercialization of our newly developed steering cylinder product for the Mega Truck industry. It will enhance production and process of this innovative cylinder for the ever-growing industry of mega truck enthusiasts. It allows for future innovation of planned new products.

The objective of the project is to enhance production, improve quality (both structurally and esthetically) and make operations efficient. The software offers improved accuracy and reduces waste allowing for higher production and expanded markets. 


Business Description:

NC Boyz Tech Ltd. was founded by lifelong friends Travis Layland, Quentin Armstrong and Cory Armstrong. Located just north of Birds Creek, Ontario between Bancroft and Maynooth on Highway 62N, the New Carlow boyz have been filling a local niche with high quality fabrication, welding, hydraulics and custom machining for 15 years.

The 7000 square foot shop has a large expanse of lathes, welders, and other neat stuff to build, repair or invent to suit specific needs. NC Boyz serve the people, businesses and industry, within our home community surrounding the greater Bancroft area, and far beyond Canada’s borders.

N.C. Boyz have developed original products: Bowlocker™, Scott Shocks™ and the newest addition, our steering cylinder with protective girdle.

Bowlocker serves the hunting industry with a safe secure means to store and protect hunting bows. Scott Shocks serves the Mega Truck industry, providing advanced technology to support and protect mega trucks and drivers. The new steering cylinder also falls under this market.

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