• Recipient: Q&E Engineering Inc. - Roslin, ON
  • Date Received: May 10, 2020
  • Funded up to: $16,233

"The field of engineering has significantly changed in the last 10 yrs. With the evolution of the digital era, the expectation of rural SME's to adopt innovative and modern technologies and practices has become essential in competing with larger city based competitors." Jennifer Young, Owner

Project Description:

This project is designed to attract new talent to Q&E Engineering Inc. by becoming competitive with larger firms that are located in urban centres. The businessis ready to grow and they are looking to attract new talent which can be difficult as a rural engineering firm. By attracting new professionals, the business will be able take on larger projects which in turn will generate increased revenues to sustain the employment levels and expand the business.

The business has identified areas that can be revamped to create efficiencies and will transition processes by utilizing advanced services software, cloud computing, cyber security and by integrating computer networks. The business will develop these new systems to minimize / eradicate some of the monotoneus elements of engineering and to allow for meaningful and efficient work from home opportunities.

The goal is to foster an environment that prioritizes work / life balance, flexibility of schedule, training opportunities and promoting a "home atmosphere" at the office to meet the demands of the millenial workforce.

    Can You Work From Home as an Engineer?

Business Description:

Q&E is a small engineering firm that specializes in providing structural engineering services to municipalities, architects, contractors, developers, fabricators and other consulting firms. Q&E is one of the only local engineering firms co-owned and operated by a woman entrepreneur.