• Recipient: Skootamatta Environmental Consulting Inc.
  • Date Received: Jul 19, 2019
  • Funded up to: $2,765

"By utilizing thermal technology, this project will enable my business to detect and analyze moisture damage in a less invasive process and provide my clients with the data needed to make informed decisions.I am excited to offer this new service that will set my business apart from others." Laura Reavie, President

Project Description:

Skootamatta Environmental Consulting Inc. has been approved for funding to support the costs required to transition the current process of collecting and analyzing data through the adoption of new technology. The project entails purchasing a thermo-hygrometer with thermal camera and related software to utilize in the detection and analysis of water and mould damage. This technology will more accurately determine the location of moisture damage by using infared images in conjunction with moisture probe readings.

The business currrently uses the tradional method which entails using a moisture probe and inserting pins into the wall to map out the damaged area leaving the client with several pin holds that will have to be repaired. Using the thermo-hygrometer with thermal camera, thermal pictures will be utilized to show the damaged area and source of issue. Being able to add infared photos to their reports will make it easier to assess damage and assist remediation companies with determining the extent repairs needed.

This technology is new to this industry and their hope is that this will make their services more attractive to remediation & insurance companies when they are assessing or processing claims.



Business Description:

Skootamatta Environmental Consulting Inc. is a service based business providing: drinking water systems operations, designated substance surveys, septic system design, indoor air quality monitoring, asbestos sampling & phase contrast microscopy, mould sampling and Phase 1 & Phase 2 environmental assessments. These services are used by industrial, commercial and residential clients in both urban and rural areas. The business has been operating 4 years.