• Recipient: WordBird Media
  • Date Received: Sep 11, 2019
  • Funded up to: $3,250
WordBird Media

WordBird Media was approved on September 11, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $3,250 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"This project will enable our business to develop a new mobile video editing suite. This technology will streamline the video production component of our business and allow us to grow outside of our existing service area. We are always looking for ways to innovate and this investment will allow us to continue moving forward. "  Michelle Tremblay, Owner 


Wordbird Media currently produces video content for several agencies, non-profits and SME’s within Hastings County. The business edits all footage in their studio at the end of the day. This current process is very limiting. The business can only edit one video at a time and they cannot access footage onsite to check sound, lighting and shots.

 The business will purchase specialized equipment to develop a mobile video editing suite. The suite will consist of a customized hardware system paired with commercial video editing software to create a system that will be more efficient, improve the quality of their projects, and offer excellent hands-on training for their youth apprentice. The system will also allow the business to offer services outside of Hastings County as the ability to complete projects onsite makes these markets cost-effective.


WordBird Media is a Boutique Creative Agency specializing in custom content: video production, web design, sound production, photography, brand development, graphic design, marketing and social media for small/medium businesses, agencies and not for profits within Hastings County.

Please visit WordBird Media on their website: wordbird.ca