Recipient: O'Hara Sugar Maples
Date Received: Jul 18, 2019
Funded up to: $6,000

O'Hara Sugar Maples was approved on July 18, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $6,000 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"O'Hara Sugar Maples is ready to commercialize two new products  and we are excited about bringing in new technology to streamline production and allow us to grow" Stephen Needham, Owner


O'Hara Sugar Maples currently creates both its maple sugar and maple cream products by hand. Both products offer opportunities in larger outside markets.

The time it takes to create these products, as well as the inconsistency in the end product, are barriers to growth. With this in mind, research determined that efficiencies could be achieved through the adoption of technology.

O'Hara Sugar Maples will purchase two new pieces of equipment that will automate both the sugar & cream making process reducing production time and creating products in a consistent manner. By removing these barriers the business will be able to launch these products into retail locations in urban areas. 

This accelerated process will allow O Hara Sugar Maples to secure new clients allowing them to expand its market and grow.


O'Hara Sugar Maples is a family run business employing 2 permanent and 7 seasonal employees annually. The business supplies their maple syrup to 60 Metro grocery stores throughout Ontario and farm markets in the GTA and locally. O'Hara Sugar Maples has been in business for 25 years and is looking ahead to creating more value-added products as they continue to grow.