Recipient: Robinson's Air Filter Exchange Inc.
Date Received: Jul 18, 2019
Funded up to: $33,614

Robinson's Air Filter Exchange Inc. o/a Robinson's Air FIlter Solutions was approved on July 18, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $33,614 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"These custom software systems will redefine our internal workflow and routing system. The software will reduce obstacles  and inefficiencies in our processes and provide a stable, innovative and efficient platform that will scale as Robinson's Air FIlter Solutions grows." Lloyd Robinson, President


Robinson's Air Filter Solutions will be purchasing and implementing two new systems to automate both the routing of the drivers for filter pick up and delivery as well as following each filter through the process.

The software system "Routific" will enable driver routes to be updated in real-time to the driver's vehicle to accommodate unforeseen road closures, last-minute call in for pick-ups and other obstacles. The main office can track driver location, time at each stop and the driver can enter client notes to allow for the office to follow up quickly to any client requests or concerns. The software will put together the best route according to the location and allocation of driver hours. The system will indicate the percentage of allocation utilized and auto-enter driver breaks.

The "Inventory Trak" system will allow drivers to scan filters as they are loaded and unloaded from the vehicle, allocate them to the client, and follow each filter throughout the process. The life of the filter is analyzed to indicate the percentage of life remaining on that particular before a replacement is suggested. The data collected on each filter is collected and shared to enable staff to best meet the client's needs.

Click on the hyperlink to view the Routific software demo:    

   cleanfilters beforeandafter


Robinson's Filter Solutions is owned and operated by Lloyd and Erin Robinson. In June of 2004, they purchased a local air filter cleaning business and have worked to expand their products and services throughout Eastern Ontario and into Quebec.

Lloyd Robinson is an expert in industrial and heavy equipment filtration. He works closely with his customers, troubleshooting to bring about positive results in equipment performance, as well as, filter longevity. Lloyd is a formally trained millwright and worked as one professionally before entering the industrial air filtration business.

Erin Robinson is the driving force behind the environmental protocols and procedures set up within the filter cleaning system. As well, she oversees the administrative side of the business - ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

The Robinson's Filter Solutions facility, located in Combermere, Ontario, has undergone several changes since the Robinson's took it over in 2004. Lloyd and Erin are always looking to provide the best service they can and an up-to-date working environment for their employees.

Their motto is "Reducing waste while saving you money" visit their website at

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