Recipient: Village Net
Date Received: Jul 18, 2019
Funded up to: $81,165

2631992 Ontario Ltd. o/a Village Net was approved on July 18, 2019, for project funding in the amount up to $81,165 under the R.I.I.E.O. project

"This expansion project will help VIllage Net continue to build a relationship with the community, businesses, organizations, and residents. We aim to create an infrastructure that attracts & promotes growth and allows for advanced opportunities within the Municipality of Tweed and outward" Chris Rashotte, President 


Village Net will be undergoing a project to further develop its high-speed internet network outside of the localized coverage within the Village of Tweed. The local internet provider will be expanding its reach outward to bridge high-speed internet gaps identified in adjacent communities within the Municipality of Tweed such as Actinolite, Thomasburg, and Roslin. This community-based project will assist with bridging the digital divide by creating opportunities and allowing businesses the capacity to adopt technologies of their own. The project will also attract new residents and build the capacity for home-based businesses, online learning opportunities and seasonal residents to "work from their cottage".  


Village Net is a locally owned and operated internet provider offering high-speed unlimited internet at reasonable prices. Village Net plans on working with customers to make our services available and reach all potential customers within the service area. They guarantee no long wait times, as a small local business their employees will connect directly with customers to answer questions and solve problems in a timely manner. Village Net offers plans to benefit a variety of customer needs and requirements from their service (faster internet speeds for gaming vs average speeds for daily activities), and you never worry about tracking your usage – it is always unlimited.

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